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A 10,000 mile road trip in a V12 supercar?

Usually, people with rare V12 supercars don’t tend to take them on a longer trip, these are ‘exotics’ in every sense of the word, so driving one for hours on end just isn’t the most comfortable trip most of the time, but it can be done, and especially on luxury and exotic car rallies, which is why Lamborghini for instance, when they released the Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce, you had the option of either lightweight carbon fiber sport seats, or the more comfortable standard Aventador seats, and while the SV was the more ‘hard-core’ version of the Aventador, many were still ordered with comfort seats, just because their owners wanted to drive them.

So how about a 10,000 Mile road test? Learn more about it in the video from VinWiki below: