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A 6×6 Rolls Royce Phantom … why not?

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you stumble upon the latest video from Supercar Blondie … featuring a Rolls Royce Phantom in satin black … with massively wide wheel arch extensions … and wait for it … six-wheel-drive!

Yes, you are reading this right, this is the world’s first Rolls Royce 6×6 Phantom, and if you had the impression a factory Phantom EWB was a big car, take a closer look at this beast, this is just massive, complete with a yellow LED lightbar on the roof, a massive ‘bullbar’ at the front, and to fill out the big wheel arches a set of 24-inch wheels have been fitted. Because the car has been raised there are now sidesteps installed, so you can reach the custom-built roof rack.

This monster on six wheels is based on a 2005 Rolls Royce Phantom, the car was cut in half just behind the rear doors, after which Alex from @Danton_Arts_Kustoms, added parts from a 2005 BMW 7-Series, like the rear axle, built in France, this 2.3 meters wide and a whopping 6.3 meters long, black beast has been registered in Luxembourg, and get this … he’s already working on his next project, a six-wheel-drive Lamborghini Urus! Complete with a new, orange interior, with crocodile leather touches on the steering wheel and snake skin on the central console, this car took three months to build, and is listed for sale at $5,200,000 …