A Camouflaged Lexus LC Convertible Appeared at Goodwood

It Won’t Be Long Now

Lexus showed off a concept version of its LC Convertible not that long ago. Now it showcased a thinly veiled prototype version at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. All indications point to the fact that this car will be going into production very soon. While there isn’t much to be said of the car in the way of new equipment other than the convertible roof, Lexus has not let slip many details. 

We would imagine most of the car would stay the same. Obviously, some changes will be made to the vehicle to make room for the convertible roof. Otherwise, the car should stay the same. The company’s international executive VP, Koji Sato, sounded excited that the car could come to Goodwood. He said this:

The Goodwood Festival of Speed celebrates the history and culture of the automobile and serves as a gathering place for some of history’s most notable cars and drivers. Lexus is honored to join this festival, and I could not be happier to unveil this prototype model of the LC Convertible at the same venue where the LC Coupe made its debut in 2016. 

Things like pricing information have not yet been announced. The coupe version of the car costs $92,950 for the V8 and $97,460 for the hybrid. We would assume the convertible would be more expensive than that. Lexus will likely reveal all the details soon.