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A new creature is born, the first plug-in hybrid from Lamborghini, the Revuelto

Groundbreaking news from Sant’Agata, the new Lamborghini halo car, the flagship model for the next decade or so has finally been officially unveiled, called the Revuelto, after a fighting bull that became famous in the arena of Barcelona in 1880, meaning a change, a revolution, which is exactly what the Revuelto is for Automobili Lamborghini SpA, as this is the first plug-in hybrid production model they ever released, and while we have a massive image gallery being prepared as you are reading this, first let’s take a look at some amazing videos that have finally been published since the embargo ran out earlier today.

First up is the official launch video for the Lamborghini Revuelto:

Let’s see what Top Gear magazine has to say about the new Sant’Agata flagship model:

Naturally Tim, aka Shmee150 had a look at the new Lamborghini before the public too:

Next up, Carwow talks us through the new hybrid Lamborghini Revuelto:

and for now, finally, the video from AutoTrader:

I’m sure we’ll be seeing even more videos later on, and I guess Lamborghini will do a dynamic launch soon too, where people of the press and VIP clients are able to drive the car, rumor has it, there will be an event in the UK in April where we might be seeing the new Revuelto taking clients onto the track already.