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A new Mansory One of One: the Carbonado GTS

After more than twelve years of production and about 11,500 cars in total, the end of the year 2022 was the end for the Lamborghini Aventador. A key model of the Italian luxury brand Lamborghini, that – like so many of its predecessors already before – wrote automobile history, because only a few vehicles ever came such close to the basic idea of a super sports car. A self-chosen claim that the Aventador fulfilled completely effortlessly in all its versions and throughout its entire life cycle.

Wild, eye-catching, aggressive, loud, emotional, powerful, and full of temperament – with all these attributes, the Aventador stood and still stands for everything that the Lamborghini brand stands for and what distinguishes the Lamborghini brand. Thus, the Aventador SVJ Roadster – which was already strictly limited by the manufacturer to 800 units – proves to be the perfect basis for another high-performance creation from MANSORY, headquartered in Brand (Bavaria) to celebrate the end of production of this thoroughbred and to pay him a last tribute by means of a “One-Of-One-Complete-Conversion”.

The completely redesigned carbon body alone is reminiscent of a fighting bull in attack posture. Even the allusion to the shape of stealth aircraft gives the “MANSORY Carbonado GTS” a thoroughly desirable, attack-minded look. In addition to the looks, however, the technology also undergoes numerous improvements. For example, the striking air intakes in the front apron optimize the flow of fresh air into the radiator. Together with the specially developed front lip, this also results in improved downforce for greater overall grip.

At the side, striking side skirts and the grown wheel arches show the signature of MANSORY. And here, too, visual pleasure and technical functionality go hand in hand. The new carbon components not only look impressive, they also supply large amounts of fresh air to both the power unit under the new full-carbon engine cover and the rear braking system. The newly developed double diffuser is responsible for the perfect airflow underneath the vehicle, and the large rear spoiler in cooperation with the rear apron, which also generates additional downforce, is responsible for downforce on the rear axle.

All these aerodynamic improvements support the powerful V12 engine with its 6.5 liters of displacement and its peak output of 820 hp for maximum performance in all areas. Thus, the “MANSORY Carbonado GTS” succeeds in sprinting from zero to 100 km/h in exactly 2.8 seconds and its brute propulsion only ends at an almost unrivaled 355 km/h. The “MANSORY Carbonado GTS” also shakes fast intermediate sprints of any kind playfully from the depths of its almost inexhaustible torque reservoir, which after the power cure by the MANSORY engineers is at 780 Nm (previously 720 Nm). The whole thing is accompanied by the powerful sound of a mighty two-pipe exhaust system, which makes a visually impressive statement at the rear between the taillights and at the same time unmistakably bears witness to the fact that 820 horses are doing their urgent duty here when required.

In order to transfer this immense power of the twelve-cylinder to the asphalt without slippage, MANSORY relies on forged alloy wheels of the type “CV.7 Air” in the dimensions 9×20 and 13×21 inches in conjunction with high-performance tires in 255/30 ZR20 at the front and 355/25 ZR21 at the rear. The standard all-wheel drive serves as the perfect drive technology.

Also in the interior – as usual with all MANSORY complete conversions – almost no single component remained untouched by the MANSORY specialists. The “Cupreus” color chosen for the exterior is also used as a color accent in the interior. The interior, decorated with arrow-shaped decorative stitching and upgraded with “Forged Carbon” applications, captivates in numerous details and gives the “MANSORY Carbonado GTS” a very sporty touch with technical appeal at the very highest level in the interior as well.

The “MANSORY Carbonado GTS” is designed as a “One-of-One” model, which means only one of these Roadsters will be available in this exact color combination, but we all know if there is a demand, Mansory will create the kit to be fitted to other cars too, which also happened with the Venatus, based on the Urus, the car shown at the Geneva Motor Show was also a “one of one”, but in the end, we saw just about the identical kit being sold, they even created a Venatus EVO in the end, so “one of one” is a rather relative interpretation at Mansory, still you’ll have to admit this Carbonado GTS isn’t too extreme, and actually looks quite good, check out the extensive image gallery below for more details: