Tesla Model 3

A Tesla Model 3 Owner Put Snow Tracks On His Car [VIDEO]

Squarely from the “What the mechanical hell?” section of YouTube, a video has emerged of user LowLifeDuramax (yes, that is his actual channel name) driving his Tesla Model 3 in the snow.

Not in any ordinary fashion however… he put snow tracks on the rear axle.

The model in question is a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which only comes with the electric motors on the rear wheels to reduce battery drain and extend driving range.

The snow tracks also didn’t fit at first, and had to have custom mountings fabricated to be able to reach the hubs. A company named Mullin Manufacturing helped out, and I have to say, the strength of their solution is impressive.

By having the tracks sit so far out from the car, one can imagine the pressure that was being put on the lug nuts and the hub carriers, as a Model 3 is not particularly the lightest car in the world.

As a result, the car never really goes quickly, but it does go. That, at the very least, makes this an important video showing that a Tesla Model 3 can indeed drive on snow no problem.

Although you would think that a nice set of studded snow tires would do the trick just as well? Then again, people have done stranger things with Porsche 911’s in the snow than just adding snow tracks.