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Ad Personam creates personal, custom Lamborghini models

The Automobili Lamborghini Ad Personam Studio has been transformed, continuing its growth to double its footprint at the Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters. This expansion allows customers to configure the car of their dreams a new experience, made possible thanks to the combination of physical and digital worlds, as well as myriad possibilities offered by the Ad Personam customization program.

Federico Foschini, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Automobili Lamborghini, explains: “The Ad Personam program is a project we’ve worked hard on and which we’ve pursued with great conviction. It is a testament of the attention to detail and needs that customers have always recognized and appreciated in Lamborghini. Through the Ad Personam Studio, we offer customers a one-off experience, with the opportunity to personalize their car down to the smallest detail, making it unique.

The Studio, which opened in 2016, has doubled the space dedicated to the program, going from 90 m2 to the current 180 m2, demonstrating how much of a priority the clients’ personalization experience is for the company. The recent renovations represent a true evolution for the Studio, creating an even more high-end environment where customers can experience the essence of Lamborghini in an exclusive but at the same time intimate context, characterized by luxury. Not only has the space dedicated to the Ad Personam experience increased, but the quality of the experience offered too, illustrated by the growing number of reservations from all over the world.

The renovated spaces offer a ‘phygital’ experience, connecting to the real and virtual worlds via multiple tools. Indeed, customers can fully immerse themselves, completely involving all their senses including touching and smelling the upholstery materials; listening to the sound of the engine thanks to upgraded audio equipment; and finally sight, viewing exclusive multimedia materials thanks to a special powerwall. The experience starts with a meeting with one of Lamborghini’s dealers around the world to start defining the general characteristics of the car. Next, customers are invited to continue the configuration with a day at the Ad Personam Studio in Sant’Agata Bolognese, on a journey of infinite choices and drawing inspiration from visiting the production lines.

The new site offers the chance to display all the available options of the Lamborghini range for the first time in one place, according to growing levels of customization that go from more linear configurations defined through “Ad Personam essential”, represented by an expansion of the vehicle Color & Trim offering; to “One Shot” customization, based on specifications requested by the customer or on the use of exclusive or non-automotive materials. Moreover, the design of the Studio spaces and the layout of materials were devised by studying and recreating the optimal configuration process. Indeed, one of the key elements is the color choice and treatment of the vehicle’s external elements, which are the first sensory experience as soon as visitors cross the threshold to the Studio.  A revolving platform is located at the center of the room to show off all the details of the vehicle while comfortably sitting in the lounge.

The color of the bodywork, wheels, calipers, logos, exhaust tailpipes, interior upholstery materials such as leather, the choice of thread for stitching and embroidery, seat belts, and interior fittings, are just some of the details that can be customized thanks, in part, to the work of the upholstery department, which combines innovation with tradition and craftsmanship, a constant in the world of Lamborghini. Customers can decide on these implementations directly at the Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters, the flagship site of the configuration experience, or alternatively at the two Ad Personam areas at the Lamborghini Lounges in New York and Tokyo or at the temporary lounges that are set up from time to time during the main events organized by Lamborghini.

As an alternative to the in-person experience, there is the Ad Personam Virtual Studio, a platform with highly innovative content. In this case, the customer will have an initial digital meeting with the dealer to define the first level of customization. Then, the customer will be put in contact with a Studio manager, connected directly from the Sant’Agata Bolognese site, with whom they will start the actual configuration. Also in this case, the customer will be able to follow the customization of the vehicle in real time.

“The strength of the renovated Ad Personam Studio is without doubt the presence of multiple high-quality customization content and innovative configuration tools in a spacious, exclusive and welcoming, but at the same time comfortable, environment, just like being in your lounge at home. The new Studio allows our customers to fully enjoy the configuration experience and see their dream take shape and color,” Marco Valentini, Head of the Ad Personam Team, explains. “The display of 400 different shades in the Studio in the form of vehicle silhouettes is an aspect that appeals to customers and shows the obsessive dedication we have invested into this project.”

Valentini continues: “In terms of models, today almost 100% of Revuelto cars have at least one Ad Personam element, immediately followed by the Huracán and Urus with more than 80%, showing just how much the program is appreciated by all our customers.”

The Ad Personam program is going through a phase of continuous growth, not just linked to the increase in space, but also to the expansion of the offerings and services provided. Specifically, the next step relates to the Urus and will see the creation of additional interior personalization options for clients to make even more specific customizations.