Bugatti Veyron

Aftermarket Exhaust Bugatti Veyron Test Drive [VIDEO]

Last month, we brought you a video and a news report looking at if a Bugatti Veyron actually made 1,001 HP. The reason that the video was made was because Houston Crosta was getting a Ryft titanium exhaust put onto his Veyron.

Today, we have the video of that exhaust going on, and the sound it makes.

While not entirely certain about the performance gains that such a system will give, Crosta is hoping for between 10 to 20% in terms of outright numbers.

One thing is for sure, however. It is loud.

After it is installed in the video, Houston and company take the Veyron out onto the eerily deserted Las Vegas streets. If there is one benefit to the coronavirus, it’s that it gave them the perfect road conditions for a couple of light pulls and some video clips.

Another interesting part of the video is how in depth and shrouded the stock Veyron exhaust is. While made fully out of titanium, it is enshrouded in a double muffler, and weighs in at 42 lbs.

The Ryft exhaust, on the other hand, is a featherweight at 9 lbs.

It is nice, in these uncertain times, that some people are still getting their car work done. It’s especially nice that they are making videos for the rest of us to enjoy from the comfort and safety of our isolation.

We are looking forwards to seeing what dyno numbers the Veyron will make now!