alfa romeo 4C Spider Italia

Alfa Romeo Annouced the Demise of Its Performance Car Plan

The FCA and PSA Merger Commits Murder

Alfa Romeo had plans to build high-performance models in the future. This would have included a new 8C and a GTV coupe at the very least. Those plans are no more, according to EVO. Due to the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and PSA Group the plan to build these models has been scrapped in order to produce more SUVs and electric models and focus on making money. 

It makes sense. The companies need to facilitate order now that they are combining to become the fourth largest automotive conglomerate in the world. They will pool resources and focus on scaling revenue and hopefully profits. A performance line of cars from Alfa Romeo just didn’t make sense. It’s a sad day for supercar and sports car fans. 

Just to be clear, Alfa Romeo isn’t going anywhere. The brand will still be selling cars and some of those vehicles may even be exciting machines, but they won’t be dedicated high-performance machines and they certainly won’t be the mid-engine machines that we’d love to see from the brand.

The company killed off the 4C earlier this year, and its other sporty offerings are on the chopping block now. Alfa will focus on SUVs. The Stelvio is honestly a very good vehicle, so we have high hopes for what is to come, but it could be quite some time before we see another Alfa truly worthy of its badge.