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Alfa Romeo Centenary

Last weekend Alfa Romeo officially celebrated its 100th anniversary in Milan, Italy. This included several key events in and around the area with a dedicated track day at Monza. Even with Goodwood and Pebble Beach on the horizon, we can confidently say this was the biggest centenary celebration of 2010.

The official event started with thousands of Alfa Romeos converging at Fiera di Milano to celebrate a new statue in the shape of a Disco Volante. Many others drove into the town center to see the official display of 100 cars. Others participated in what was probably the world’s largest Alfa Romeo track day at Monza.

Not too far off in Novegro, a week-long show was curated by local groups in conjunction with the museum. With a one-of-everything approach, the show was called ‘100X100 Alfa per Cent’anni’ and had a comprehensive display of Alfa Romeo’s history with cars, trucks and boats. Dirk de Jager kindly provided us with images from this part of the festivities for our feature gallery. Included is an unrestored Alfa Romeo 159 which hasn’t been seen in a long, long time.