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Alfa Romeo Teases New High End Car Before Geneva

Alfa Romeo has had a bit of a storied history. Established in 1910, it was one of the first car companies established in Italy. In 1923, during the birth years of international grand prix racing, a young driver named Enzo Ferrari was brought on board to the company, and we all know what happened with him.

In recent years, however, Alfa has had a bit of a rough time of things. Falling sales and the cancellation of the mid-range Giulia GTV and range-topping planned supercar 8C seemed to be putting the nails in the coffin at the Italian marque. In fact, sales of new Alfa Romeo’s have dropped so low that there were rumors of the company being absorbed in part or in whole into Fiat or Ferrari.

That was, until this past weekend… (make sure your sound is on)

“A momentous comeback.” That has the entirety of the supercar and high-end performance car world abuzz with excitement.

With the Alfa Romeo 4C being discontinued, the only current performance model is the Giulia QF, a 4 door sedan with a fairly ridiculously awesome combination of luxury and power that competes head to head with the AMG C63S and BMW M3.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrafoglio

Running a Ferrari-derived, twin turbo, 90 degree V6 that chucks out 510 HP, it also has one of the raunchiest, dirtiest exhaust notes to ever come from Italy. Not the sophisticated scream one would expect, but a growling, popping, roaring sound that shook mountains. Take a listen here and here.

What many rumor mills and “internal sources” are suggesting is the momentous comeback referred to in the teaser is that Alfa Romeo, again in collaboration with Ferrari, is preparing a new high end performance coupe to compete against the BMW M4 and the Porsche 911 GT3.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrafoglio

Most exciting of all, again entirely based on the rumors floating around, is that the comeback also refers to the three most popular letters ever in Alfa Romeo history: GTA.

1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Sprint

The original Giulia GTA was a performance coupe in the mid-1960’s that was ridiculously light with a, for the time, extremely powerful inline four engine. The base model 1965 GTA Sprint, for example, had 115 HP in a car that weighed 1,810 lbs, and could reach speeds of 120 MPH. It was so good that, like Singer does for Porsche 911’s, a company called Alfaholics make a tribute car called the GTA-R 290, and it is epic.

With what sounds like a high-revving naturally aspirated V6, we here at can’t wait to see what Alfa is bringing to Geneva, where the car will be revealed on March 3, 2020.