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Yamaha OX99-11 supercar

An Ultra-Rare Yamaha OX99-11 Recently Went Up for Sale

F1-Powered Supercar Unlike Any Other

In the late 1980s, Yamaha decided to enter into Formula One racing. The company wanted to be competitive and this meant building a supercar that could truly take on the other racing teams that’d been in F1 for years. That’s why the OX99-11 exists. The car was commissioned by the Yamaha Sports division and was based around the 3.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine. 

That engine made 400 hp and could spin up to a shrieking 10,000 rpm. It was paired to a six-speed manual transmission, and all the power went to the rear wheels. Those power numbers might not sound amazing in light of today’s F1 cars, but you have to remember this car weighed only about 2,500 pounds and had a very short wheelbase. The 400 hp the engine produced was more than enough to make it a beast of an F1 car.

The impressive design and engineering feats didn’t end with the powertrain. The car featured a unique tandem (one behind the other) seating arrangement and an aerodynamic overall shape. This unique design gave the car a noticeable and unforgettable look for those who know it exists it. It was designed by an English company called IAD.

Eventually, Ypsilon Technology in Milton Keynes took the project over. Eventually, the cost of the project had climbed so much and perceived demand was so low that it was shut down. However, three of the cars exist today. According to Carscoops, one of them is now for sale for $1.3 million.