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Analyzing the design of the Ferrari Purosangue

The recently revealed Ferrari SUV has caused quite a stir among car enthusiasts, many were eagerly awaiting this final entry into the SUV market from Maranello, but others were horrified to hear about Ferrari going onto that market segment, and while the new off-road Prancing Horse still comes with a massive V12, initially that is, later on, we’ll probably be seeing a V6 hybrid version at a lower price level, calling it Purosangue, liberally translated into ‘pureblood’, this new car did rub some enthusiasts the wrong way.

Some even mention it’s just a Ferrari Roma that has been made taller and put on a higher suspension, but you can’t deny this will be another success for sure, just like the Lamborghini Urus is for their eternal concurrent from Sant’Agata, albeit the Ferrari Purosangue V12 is a lot more expensive compared to the V8 twin-turbo Raging Bull, but more interesting is the next video, in which Frank Stephenson, a world-renowned car designer and ex-chief of design at Ferrari, talks about the new Ferrari SUV: