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Autocar review of the Ferrari Purosangue

AutoCar Reviews The Ferrari Purosangue

AutoCar prefaces their review of the new Ferrari Purosangue with a simple question: “Can an SUV also be a sports car?”

On the face of it, that really is what Ferrari are setting out to do, a dual-class car. By making their new four-door, four-seat vehicle as practical as a Ferrari has ever been, while also not loosing any of that special feel of a car from Maranello, it is not as much a knee-jerk reaction to the super-SUV market of the past 5 to 6 years, but more of taking the established “rules” of the segment and tossing them out the nearest convenient window.

It is a bit of a longer review than some others, but they do really get down into the details that make the Purosangue a very interesting car. There is also a lot more in car and external driving shots than some other reviews, which is quite nice when that V12 up front gets a bit of a poke!