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AutoTrader review of the Ferrari Purosangue

AutoTrader Reviews The Ferrari Purosangue

A deeper look into the aerodynamics of the Purosangue in this one...

One would think that a super-SUV, considering ground clearance and the fact that it is a utility vehicle, would not be all that concerned with aerodynamics. This is, however, a Ferrari Purosangue, and if the boffins at Maranello are laser-focused on one things, it’s on making it the fastest super-SUV, and to do that, you need aerodynamics.

The review even touches on a fact that most others have either missed entirely of glossed over, that the Purosangue does not have a rear window wiper. The reason for that is the top mounted spoiler, which as explained in the review is not there for downforce, but to shape the air and blow it down across the rear window, negating the need for a wiper outright.

There are also active aerodynamic elements under the car, more to spoil the airflow than to provide downforce, which helps with turning the car. This makes, as they note in the review, the Purosangue a very agile super-SUV, with a surprisingly fast steering rack.

Even the vents around the daytime running lights are there for aerodynamics, reducing wheel arch pressure and cooling the engine bay.

If you want to know all the technical details of the Purosangue, this is the review for you to watch!