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Behind the scenes at the Koenigsegg Factory with Christian Von Koenigsegg

Visiting Koenigsegg Automotive AB in Ängelholm, Sweden is like a pilgrimage for car enthusiasts like us, getting a guided tour through the factory itself by none other than Christan Von Koenigsegg himself is the cherry on the cake for sure, just think about the fact you’ll be seeing several multi-million Koenigsegg hypercars together, all in various states of completion, and having the main man explaining everything as you go … there’s nothing better, but unfortunately such an amazing opportunity doesn’t come easy, and most people will never be given the chance to do such a thing, so we bring you the next best thing below:

Check out this 40 minutes long, in-depth behind the scenes look at the magnificent Koenigsegg factory during a visit by famous YouTuber Mr JWW: