Bentley EXP 100 GT Concept

Bentley Could Have Its First EV with Solid-State Batteries in 2025

Bentley Will Go Electric

It’s no secret that Bentley is interested in electrification. The company recently revealed the electric EXP 100 GT Concept car. That vehicle is a stunning GT car with impressive performance and let the world know just how Bentley feels about electric cars. The Bentley chairman and chief executive Adrian Hallmark recent sat down with Auto News to discuss the future of the company, and he said 2025 will be the earliest that a Bentley car will be fully electric. 

Hallmark also said that the company may just take one of its existing cars and make an electric version. He also hinted that solid-state batteries could be used in the 2025 electric car. “I’m not saying that we are guaranteed to go solid state, but that is already on the radar within that mid-2020s period. They are about 30 percent lighter for the same power as lithium-ion,” Hallmark said. 

He said that the PPE architecture that Porsche and Audi are co-developing is interesting to Bentley. The company wants to use the technology in the future. It’ll be interesting to see how solid-state batteries develop in the coming years and how that impacts the timeline for Bentley. We expect battery technology development to be the most important factor in its decision-making process.