Best City Runarounds

All you city dwellers know how important a good set of wheels is when it comes to getting from A to B. So here are our list of top city runarounds to have you whizzing around your city easily, stress free and all in record time.


With most European cities taking after the likes of Amsterdam and Copenhagen, the last decade has seen a real boom in the amount of cyclists commuting to work. With many European governments encouraging their city dwellers to get onto bicycles, there really has never been so many cyclists moving around our cities. Not only are they, again, completely environmentally friendly they also keep us fit and active, encouraging city populous to stay trim, energetic and healthy.

By cycling to and from work, city workers can burn up to an extra 600 calories a day, so the bicycle has always got to be at the top of any list of best ways to get around a city. With so many governments also improving city cycle lanes the safety surrounding city cycling is also being continually improved on, meaning city commuters can feel much more confident and safe zipping around their city.

Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are all the rage these days. Not only are they incredibly affordable to maintain and ecologically friendly they are also pretty nifty for getting around cities. They require no fuel, make almost no noise and produce zero carbon emissions, so the electric scooter really is the city run around of the future.

Mini Car

For those of you that really can’t live without a car the best city runarounds nowadays come in the shape of a mini car. Mini cars come in a wide range of neatly packaged small shapes and sizes and can significantly reduce the stress associated with driving around busy city centres. Cars like the Fiat 500, Mercedes Smart Car and the Mini Cooper look misleadingly dinky and cute, as the reality is they can really pack a punch when it comes to navigating around cities. The mini car not only offers market leading technological gadgets within the car they also pride themselves on their safety features and due to their small size are perfect for easy parking and for squeezing themselves into tight parking spaces, that normal sized cars just aren’t able to.

Electric Car

Electric cars, as with the electric scooters, are often talked about as the transportation of the future. However with electric cars being significantly more expensive than electric scooters, we are not yet seeing as many, as we would like to, on the streets of our cities. That it set to change however, as electric car developers are working tirelessly to make electric cars more affordable and desirable to city commuters and to all drivers in general. With the state of our environment being such a huge concern, the electric car is a step in the right direction that drivers need to be moving towards. With brands such as Tesla Motors, driving the electric car market forward, and many advances being developed on a constant basis, the future of the electric car looks very promising and exciting for all city commuters and for the driving public, in general.