The Best Mods for the Ford Fiesta

When it comes to new cars the Ford Fiesta is one of the most popular choices, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s economical, it’s stylish, and it sails across the road like it was a placid lake. But there’s always that extra bit of fun and performance you can squeeze out of it with the right tweaks, so here are some of the best mods on the market.

Alloy Intercooler

Better temperature regulation means you can push your engine further for even more power. There’s a lot of engineering behind these mods so they can fit into the same space as the Fiesta’s compact default cooling system, making it one of the more expensive options but definitely worth it if you want to get the sportiest experience possible.


The Fiesta is cheap to run thanks to its efficient, low-emissions engine, but when it comes to getting that perfect purr out of your car you really want to go custom. Everyone’s got their own idea of just the right roar form the exhaust so shop around and find one that sends chills down your spine.

Quick Shift

A modified gearshift can make a smooth ride smoother. It’s one of the cheaper mods and you’ll really notice the change. The billet quick shift available from Mountune is also compatible with multiple generations of Fiesta.

Sport Springs

These will give a stylish low ride and enhance the already excellent handling for a Fiesta that feels like a kings chariot, even on bumpy back roads.

Wider Wheels and Tyres

With nice, fat contact patches keeping you glued to the road you can be just that little bit bolder with your manoeuvres. You don’t want to go much wider than 108mm on a Fiesta but that’s more than enough to make a difference.

These can all really enhance your driving experience, but before you go thinking you have to break the bank for kits like these, consider buying the base car used. You can get nearly new and ex-lease models—which come cheap because the original owner’s already recouped a lot of the cost on the initial lease—from car supermarkets like Motorpoint then slap on a template and you’ll really get more bang for your buck.