Audi TT Coupe

Bram Schot Confirms the Audi TT’s Death, Electric Car Coming

Say Goodbye After Two Wonderful Decades

When the Audi TT came out it was a fresh new car for Audi with a beautiful style. As the years went on the car only got better and better. Now, Audi will kill the TT in favor of another electric car. Bram Schot, the brand’s chairman, announced the car’s demise on Thursday, according to Motor Authority. In a blunt and straightforward address to the public, Schot said that the future of Audi will be focused on the simplification of the lineup, electrification, and fuel cell technology. 

Essentially, the TT didn’t fit into the company’s view for the brand as it moves forward. Schot said the car would be replaced by an electric car. The speculation at this time is that it will be an electric sports car, but there’s always the chance that might not be the case.

Audi could easily turn to a more profitable vehicle type, like a crossover. If it did that, enthusiasts around the world would cringe. The TT was an influential car. It’s also a car that had people whispering of its demise long before this moment. While it’s a shame to see it disappear, it’s really not a surprise. 

The TT isn’t the only sports car that could be ending. The automaker has said in the past that the R8 in its current form could disappear. It would likely be replaced by an electric car much like the e-tron GTR. While there’s a lot of speculation at the moment, one thing’s for certain, the Audi of tomorrow will look dramatically different from the Audi of today.