British Racing Motors to Recommision Three Iconic Type 15 MK1 BRM V16 Racers

An Amazing Racer Reborn

British Racing Motors was Britain’s original F1 team. Now the company is once again set to build racing cars. According to EVO, the Owen family as well as Hall and Hall have announced a commission for a reconstruction of the Type 15 MK1 BRM V16 racing car.

The car is often celebrated as one of the most ambitious F1 cars in racing history. Raymond Mays and Peter Berthon founded BRM in 1945. The effort was designed to beat other automakers on the track but provide a nationalistic force for Britain. It was an endeavor partially funded by the public.

The Type 15 used two V8 engines stacked end-to-end. The cam drivers were in the center of the engine. In total it was an impressive 1,487cc V16 engine. Rolls-Royce designed a two-stage supercharger for it and the engine made 600 hp at a screaming 12,000 rpm. It was a raucous racing machine, unlike any other car on the racetrack.

It has been 70 years since the car’s creation. Now BRM has commissioned three new Type 15s based on the technical drawings of the original car. The cars will be built in Lincolnshire. The first example will go to the Owen family, who owns the designs for the car. The other two cars will go up for sale and be built to FIA standards. This means they will be ready for competition.