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Bugatti is testing the Bolide

What started as an experimental study and a demonstration of BUGATTI’s technological expertise becomes closer to reality. With its incredible weight-to-power ratio, driving the BOLIDE will evoke similar sensations to being on a cannonball ride. BUGATTI’s expert engineers are currently fine-tuning the BOLIDE’s aerodynamic capabilities in high-speed dynamic testing at a disused airbase. The BOLIDE can accelerate up to 1.6g – a feat that is unrivaled in the automotive world and more akin to the power and performance of a passenger plane. With the BOLIDE being pushed to higher speeds again and again during testing, the car’s optimum stability in every condition is being honed and perfected, as is the overall strength and stamina of its components and subsystems. Only by subjecting the BOLIDE to these extreme forces can BUGATTI engineers ensure a unique driving experience is realized for the 40 future BOLIDE owners.