bugatti teaser 2020

Bugatti Teases a New Model for 2020

A Geneva Motor Show Reveal?

Bugatti is starting off the year by teasing a new model. The company has a new model that EVO says will join the Chiron. It’s unclear exactly what the new model will be, but from the teaser, we can guess that it will have a similar shape to many of Bugatti’s other vehicles. 

The good news is that this will likely not be a limited-run or one-off model. Bugatti has done those in the past with the Centodieci and Divo. This will be a full-production model most likely, according to EVO. That’s encouraging because as impressive as the Chiron is, Bugatti can’t rest on its laurels. It has to keep pushing forward. 

With that said, the company’s new model will be based on the same framework as the Chiron. There’s speculation that it will be an open-top car similar in concept to the Veyron Grand Sport. It’s unclear what exactly that could mean, but it could indicate a Targa-style car. 

We’re all for an open-top version o the Chiron or Chiron Sport. If Bugatti goes that route, there will be no way to have a folding roof. The company will have to have a removable roof panel that stows away somewhere on the car. It will be interesting to see what the company comes up with. The car should be revealed later this year. The Geneva Motor Show would make a lot of sense.