Hot on the heels of the Gumball 3000, the Bullrun started today in Montreal. The controversy over these rallies has never been more intense after the Gumball was shut down due to disorganisation and a tragic accident.

In an attempt to change this reckless image, many of the Bullrun participants exercised good restraint when leaving this morning. Most left casually, as they started on their six day trip to Key West, Florida.

Many notable cars were onhand including a copy of John Hennessey’s Viper Venom 800R. Packing 585 cubic inches under the hood, this monster was easily the most powerful car on the tour. Other highlights included a Carrera GT, CLK DTM and a TechArt Magnum.

To feature the Bullrun, we have a small gallery shot by Richard Owen that covers the opening driver’s meeting and early morning start. If you’d like to follow the rally, we recommend both Bullrun 2007 Blog and Jalopnik who are blogging the whole run.