Any Car Can Be Super With Time And Money Well Spent


On our wonderful section of the web, we love to drool over some of the best, fastest cars in the world. We’re counting down the days until we get to see the mad trio rip around tracks and roads with some of the best vehicles on the market. But we are aware that for many people this is going to be nothing more than idle dreaming and escapism.

For most individuals, the new Mclaren is always going to be outside the realm of possibility. Don’t be disheartened if that’s true for you because it’s the same story for lots of people. These cars are designed purely for the enjoyment of the one percent. We can look at them, watch them on TV and even take them for test drives. But hardly anyone can actually afford to own one. That’s why, unless you live somewhere like LA, you’re not going to see them on the streets. In fact, spotting a new Ferrari on the highway makes you feel like you’ve just located a unicorn. Some of these supercars aren’t even intended for road use. There are cars that you can buy, purely for the tracks from the producers. Once you’ve finished with the vehicle, they take it back and store it until you’re ready to drive it again.

However, even if you can’t own a supercar, you can still drive a super car. You just need to make some adjustments to your current vehicle, and we guarantee it could easily be a dream come true. Are you ready to get started?

Looks Can Change

One of the reasons we love supercars is because of how they look. It’s not just the power behind the engine, it’s the style of the bodywork that we fall in love with. Not all cars are that beautiful, but could they be? Absolutely, because you can change the bodywork for your car. For a few thousand, you can purchase a brand new bodywork that has curves in all the right places. It can make a beat up hummer look like a luxury saloon. That’s not to say it won’t cost you. You’ll need to spend at least a few thousand on this possibility. But it will be worth it. Particularly, if you make advanced changes such as adding a spoiler or an air grill. Don’t get the wrong idea because for a slow car, they won’t have much practical use. They are purely design features, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome now does it?

Don’t forget, you can do more than just change the bodywork. You can also get paint wraps. These are cool because they allow you to give your vehicle a completely unique style. Some companies allow you to create your own images that you want to be displayed on the vehicle. They will then create them for you and put them on the paintwork. For just a few hundred dollars, you could have any image you like on your car. That will certainly make it stand out in the parking lot outside the office, won’t it?

You can add other parts to your car too. For instance, you may want to think about upgrading the bumpers of the rims. New rims can make your car look like a powerful dominating machine. Even if it is as tame as a kitten on the roads, it will still look the part. That said, there are ways you can change the performance of your vehicle too.

More Power

If you want a car with more power, that’s certainly a possibility. You don’t have to upgrade to a new vehicle to get this either. Instead, you can make changes to the car currently parked on your driveway. If you have a modern vehicle, you may want to have a look into engine chipping. Engine chipping is primarily used for high-performance machines like Audis and BMWs. It won’t do much good on an old banger. But for a high-performance machine, it can give the vehicle a little extra, oomph.

Through engine chipping, a trained professional will access the CPU in your car. This controls everything from the air-conditioning to the top speed of the vehicle. Tweaking the setting may lead to your vehicle performing better on the roads. Although, there is some debate about how much of an effect engine chipping can have. After all, it’s not like producers release cars with lower levels of performance than they should have. As well as this, you should be aware that engine chipping is expensive. You might want to have a look at some research before committing to this possibility.

If you have an older vehicle, there are still some great options to improve performance. You can lower the car’s suspension, with the help of a qualified mechanic. Lowering the car makes the vehicle more streamlined and therefore faster. It can also have a fantastic effect on car handling. You should theoretically, be able to take corners at faster speeds without the risk of losing control. It’s not a guarantee, and all cars are different. But it is one of the ways you could think about increasing the vehicle’s top speed.

For a smaller change to your car, you may want to consider changing the tyres. Tyres wear away and do need to be replaced over time. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We suggest that you consider using racing tyres for your car. Racing tyres have thicker treads and provide more grip on the road. Again, this affects how fast you can turn in the car, keeping control. It won’t make your vehicle an F1 car, but it may well feel like it.

Loud And Proud, Soft And Silent

Would you love people to notice when you arrive in your vehicle? Then you want to make an impression, not just with the way the car looks but how it sounds. With an exhaust system, this is a possibility, but it isn’t cheap. A cheaper way would be to just remove a muffler that might already be on your car. Be warned, though, most neighbors won’t take to kindly to this type of modification. You might be charged with disturbance of the peace if you plan on driving your car at night. As well as this, it will only change the volume, not the noise itself. If the car engine sounds awful, it will sound terrible with or without the muffler. To change the noise, you’ll need a proper system.

Alternatively, you may want to make your car purr softly like a kitten. Some of the best supercars in the world are renowned for not making any noise at all on the roads. If you want this effect, something like Flowmaster mufflers are the perfect purchase. You’ll cut the noise of the engine so that it runs like a hybrid.

Alternatively, you can focus on a different type of noise coming from your car. Forget the engine and start thinking about the car stereo system. That’s what you really want people to hear when you’re driving past isn’t it? We thought so, and that’s why you should upgrade your speakers. This will cost your virtually nothing, compared to some other options. Better yet, there’s nothing to stop you getting the best speaker system on the market. It might even sound better than a supercar because producers are often more interested in making the engine sound as good as it can be.

Comfortable And Luxurious

Another thing that supercars are known for is a high level of comfort. It’s not just about how fast you can drive, it’s about how it feels. Do you feel like the seat is hugging your body? Is there luxury options included like a back massager? You’re probably only going to get features like this if you shell out a fortune. It would be far cheaper to add them onto a more basic car. Upgrading car seats is so simple that a few hundred to spare, anyone can do it. Just buy the seats you want and take your car down to the local mechanic to get them installed. You can make a boring four seater feel like a racer with the right cockpit seat.

Or, you can invest a lot of money to add some cool tech to your car. Every year, more technology is added to the different vehicles being released on the market. But you can get most of this tech as add-ons instead. For instance, in 2017 all Ford cars are going to be released with Apple Control. This allows you to access any content from Apple devices easily from a touch screen. But for just five hundred you can get this installed on an old car as well. In fact, you can save yourself the trouble and just get a holder for an iPad mini. With the right sound system, this will create precisely the same effect.

Have we missed any ways you can think of to make a car super? Be sure to let us know what modifications you’ve made to your vehicle.