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Lamborghini’s first production car, the 350 GT, arrived in 1964 after a well-received prototype, the 350 GTV. It is the car that Ferrucio Lamborghini envisioned when establishing the automotive side of his business, a classic grand touring berlinetta with a V12 up front, drive to the rear, and a 5-speed manual in the middle. It could not have been any more Italian in its design or production.

Designed by Italian masters, the 350 GT boasted a powerful 3.5-liter V12 and a sleek body. Originally with racing-inspired features, the production model opted for easier-to-use parts for better everyday driving. Lamborghini’s innovative engine and suspension surpassed Ferrari’s offerings at the time, prompting Ferrari to release a competitor soon after.

Despite being slightly less powerful than the prototype, the 350 GT’s 270 horsepower was enough for a 150 mph top speed. With exceptional performance and handling, the 350 GT established Lamborghini’s reputation for excellence, proving they could compete with the best grand tourers, despite being a new company.

Photos by Peter Singhof courtesy of RM Sotheby’s