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Chief Keef's Lamborghini Urus

Chief Keef’s Widebody Lamborghini Urus Looks Crazy

Wide and Loving it

Lamborghini’s Urus is technically an SUV, so you might think it’s not anything like the supercars from the company, but it is still an impressive machine. The rapper Chief Keef bought one and had it customized, and it looks pretty wild.

The young rapper bought a black Urus and then had the team at RDBLA put on a yellow wrap that looks very similar to the yellow the car is sold with. however, the yellow wrap isn’t on the whole car. The rest of the car features a carbon fiber look, so you get a nice blend of colors, according to Carscoops.

What is the most impressive about this Urus is the widebody kit that’s on it. The team at 1016 Industries put on the widebody kit. That kit has been done to other Urus vehicles, but the combo of the wrap and the widebody simply looks awesome. There are also aftermarket wheels and painted brake calipers.

There have been no mechanical modifications to the Urus, so that means it will still use a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 to produce a whopping 800 hp and 737 lb-ft. That amount of power makes the Urus good for a 0-60 mph time under 3 seconds. It’s a crazy machine. If you’d like to see the modifications being made to this particular Urus, check out the video below.