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Chris Harris Drives Ford GT

Chris Harris Drives The Best Supercars [VIDEO]

As we head into the weekend, what better way to kick back and relax than to watch a collection of Chris Harris Drives… clips.

Released just a couple of days ago, this compilation covers everything from a 2016 Ford GT through to the 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista. And in between, they have managed to squeeze in a lot.

One of the most notable cars he drives is the Honda NSX, which apart from a bit of cabin-area letdown, is one of his favorite cars across the entire compilation.

Chris Harris Drives Honda NSX

Another is the Dodge Viper ACR. While not what many consider a supercar this side of the pond, in the UK, it was marketed and sold as a supercar, and Chris absolutely loves it. He even goes as far as calling Americans “ballsy enough to build it with a manual gearbox.”

Chris Harris Drives Viper ACR

However, it’s pure, old school Chris Harris when he drives the McLaren 570GT. Lots of sideways action, lots of little snippets of dry British humor, and a car that is often written off as “the baby McLaren.” Well, as he proves, whatever formula they’re feeding the babies at McLaren, it’s working wonders!

Chris Harris Drives McLaren 570T