dallara Stradale

Chris Harris Drives the Dallara Stradale

A Lightweight Road Car Built for Speed

The Dallara Stradale is a wild machine. It looks futuristic and fast, and as Top Gear’s Chris Harris finds out, it is just that. Harris drove the car on the Top Gear track to showcase just how impressive this little car is. The Dallara Stradale is a road car, but its performance numbers mean its at home on the track. This is truly a racecar for the street.

The Dallara Stradale can sprint from a standstill to 60 mph in a little more than three seconds. The car has a top speed of 174 mph. It’s not the fastest vehicle out there, but it’s close, and it’s lightweight and agile, meaning its perfect for a twisty road or a racetrack.

The car is made almost entirely of carbon fiber this means it clocks around 1,900 pounds on a scale, which is about the same weight as some racecars. Pair that with all of the aerodynamic designs featured on this car, and you get a vehicle that can produce about 1808 pounds of downforce with the optional rear wing.

All told, the company says it’ll do lateral forces of around two gs. That’s force you won’t find in just about any other car on the road. Chris Harris sounds pretty excited about the car, and he is, as always fun to watch. Check out the whole video below.