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Comparing The Greatest Front-Engined V12 Supercars From Ferrari

It doesn’t get any better than this: not just three Ferraris, but three V12 Ferraris. And not just any V12 Ferraris, but the most exceptional front-engine cars ever to emerge from Maranello in the modern era.

We’re talking about the 599 GTO, the F12 TDF, and the 812 Competizione, boasting a combined power output of over 2,000 brake horsepower and representing the pinnacle of V12 supercar technology. To highlight just how impressive these machines are the YouTube channel, The Intercooler, shared an in-depth comparison between these front-engined V12 supercars to see how they stack up against each other.

So, if you own one of these V12-powered Ferraris, consider yourself lucky because with the ongoing emphasis on reducing carbon emissions these machines will be produced in a more limited numbers.