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Configuring a Lamborghini Revuelto gets expensive very quickly

Check out this video from a UK-based YouTube star, Yiannimize as he completes the final specifications on the Lamborghini Revuelto he is ordering, remember this is in the UK, so we are talking about £ instead of US$ or €, but you will quickly get the idea … adding options on the V12 hybrid flagship from Sant’Agata gets expensive in a hurry, we are talking about a base MSRP of £450,000 before options, that converts into US$ 575,000, but keep in mind we’re talking about a UK MSRP here.

So he’s looking at a Ballon White, pearl metallic white exterior, black wheels over red calipers, which he asked to be white to match the exterior, but it seems that isn’t possible. Going onto the interior, Yiannimize also wants something special, taking the SPORTIVA seats, which come with a Nero Ade outer part and Rosso center parts, central console, dashboard, and headrest usually, he changed into Bianco Leda through the Ad Personam studio, and this is where things get really, really expensive, once you deviate from the standard options and really personalize your new Lamborghini with Ad Personam, which let’s face it, is just about any new Raging Bull ordered these days, the price skyrockets quickly, it isn’t unheard of to add £100,000 or more in options on a Lamborghini these days.

So after everything was said and done, he ended up at a grand total of £550,000, or a little over US$700,000 at today’s exchange rates … and he didn’t even go totally crazy, the dealer he was at mentioned they completed a specification on a Lamborghini Revuelto earlier for a massive £590,000 … or close to US$755,000, the most expensive options being the exterior carbon fiber package at around £30,000, but even the pearl metallic white paint option comes in at nearly £10,000, but you have to admit it does look amazing.