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Hispano Suiza Electric Super Car
Image from Hispano Suiza

Could Hispano Suiza Make a Comeback With Its Electric Supercar?

The Spanish Automaker’s Return Could be Coming

This year’s Geneva Motor Show is shaping up to be a blast from the past. Now, the long-dormant Hispano Suiza brand could start a comeback with an electric supercar. From the 1900s to the mid-1940s Hispano Suiza sold thousands of unique luxury cars. After that, it more or less disappeared from the luxury automotive world. That changes this year in Geneva.

Hispano Suiza recently teased an image of a new car. According to a press release from the company, its next car will be an all-electric grand touring luxury supercar. The details on the model are currently scarce, and it will be interesting to see a modern Hispano Suiza appear.

According to Top Gear, the car will be called Carmen. The name Carmen comes from the mother of the company’s current president. The great-grandson of the founder of Hispano Suiza and the company’s current president, Miguel Suqué Mateu, sounded excited in his statement to the press. He said he wants to see Hispano Suiza cars on roads around the world. 

Back in 1900, when Hispano Suiza started, it built the first electric car in the world, but the prototype was never industrially manufactured. Now, 119 years later, in March 2019, Hispano Suiza has its first 100% electric car, offering great performance and manufactured in Barcelona, the realization of my great grandfather’s dream.

The rich heritage of the Hispano Suiza brand is engaging. While many people don’t have any recollection of the company’s cars, it would seem that’s about to change with the introduction of a new model. We eagerly await the Geneva Motor Show as it’s shaping up to be quite an interesting show.