De Tomaso Will Move Operations to U.S.

For Development of the P72

The rebirthed supercar manufacturer De Tomaso sent out a press release saying it would relocate its core production, design, and corporate facilities to the U.S. The company will make further announcements pertaining to this in the coming months. 

“We don’t come to this decision lightly,” the company added. “Driven by the void we’ve seen over the past several decades, powered by our passion and what we see as our responsibility, this notion has been under consideration and part of our long-term plan for quite some time. De Tomaso has always been known as a bold European-American brand and this marks the next chapter of our historic journey.”

De Tomaso hopes to start production of the De Tomas P72 during the fourth quarter of 2022. This will be done at a U.S. manufacturing facility. 

The P72 was revealed to the public in the middle of last year. De Tomaso is owned by Ideal Team Ventures, which also owns Apollo Automobili. Because of this, the P72 shares a lot of its parts and components with the Apollo IE. That said, the P72 will get a Ford-sourced, supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine.

De Tomaso will cap the number of cars made at 72. The price will start at €750,000 or $888,363.

De tomaso