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Detailing the new Koenigsegg CC850

Many of us will most likely never see one of the 70 units of the new Koenigsegg CC850 on the open road, perhaps at a car event, but other than that, most of these hypercars will not leave their air-conditioned garage too often, and those that will are most likely in the well-known areas alone, with an owner that most likely already owns a Koenigsegg and a plethora of other hypercars, supercars or high-priced sedans and SUV, but imagine being asked to detail the one and only prototype in existence, and even drive this prototype.

Larry Kosilla founded Ammo NYC, a company that specializes in car detailing products and has been selling those online since 2011, and he has a YouTube channel with over two million subscribers, where he publishes a ‘Drive + Protect’ series in which he uses his products and explains how he uses them and why, because each car maker has a different paint composition, and you have to measure the thickness to avoid attacking older paint with very aggressive products and pads, he even resurrected a Lamborghini Countach a while ago that was abandoned in a shed for about 20 years, but today he brings us the brand new Koenigsegg CC850: