Don’t Despair: Advice For Your Expensive Repair

So, you’ve had a problem with your car, and now you feel like the repair service you’ve had is far too expensive. We’ve all been there – times where we felt a bit swindled. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that cars are expensive. So how do you know if you’re being taken for a ride or not?

Starting by negotiating with the garage could be the best thing to do, as it could be sorted out easily without any need for outside help. If you do eventually need outside help, keeping receipts and things to make your case is important.

Here’s more advice on what to do about that expensive repair:

Speaking To The Garage

Calling the garage is an option and can help you to get everything fixed ASAP. However, an email can prove your communication with them. The wording of the letter can depend on your situation, but you can usually find a template online. You may find templates for work completed that you didn’t agree to, the garage damaging your car, and more. If these negotiations fail, you’ll need to be prepared to take further action.

The first step is to get your car back by paying the bill. This is called paying under protest, and you’ll need to list this clearly on their copy of the order sheet and anything else you are asked to sign. You don’t want the garage to argue that you accepted the charges by paying the bill. There’s risk, as there’s no guarantee you’ll get your money back, but there are ways you can try.

Go To A Trade Association

If the garage is a member of the trade association, you can get them to help settle your dispute. This may even include receiving compensation for wasting time. Bear in mind help will only be available if the garage is a member. If the garage refuses to tell you, you can look online to find out yourself.

Alternatively, you can use an ADR Scheme if the garage is a member of one of those. This can help you to solve your disagreement without going to court. It’s important that while you do this you keep a record of every communication with the garage to back up your case.

Going To Another Garage

It’s always possible to take your car to a more reliable garage, like pangbourne garage to get the car repaired. You can attempt to go to court for the cost of extra repairs later, but bear in mind the extra fees may not always be awarded to you. Always research the new garage, and bear in mind what happens can depend on the repairs already done to your car and whether it can be driven.

Going To Court

If all else fails, taking action to the small claims court is possible. This takes time and money, so bear this in mind. It is definitely the most stressful option. Always get advice from a legal representative before you take this route.

Finally, reporting to trading standards can help others to avoid getting swindled by this garage later on down the line!