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DRAG RACE: Ferrari SF90 vs Ferrari 296 GTB

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale revolutionized performance with its hybrid V8 engine and electric motors, surpassing the iconic LaFerrari on the Fiorano Circuit. Soon after, the Ferrari 296 GTB arrived, featuring a unique V6 engine known as the “Piccolo V12” and generating 819 bhp when combined with electric motors.

In a race between the two, the 986-bhp SF90 Stradale may appear to have the advantage with its all-wheel drive. However, the 296 GTB’s lighter weight and impressive power-to-weight ratio make it a formidable opponent.

Although the SF90 Stradale ultimately claimed victory, especially in rainy conditions, the 296 GTB closely trailed behind, covering the quarter-mile in 10.3 seconds compared to the SF90’s 9.9.

You can watch the drag racing action between these two Ferrari hybrids in the video below presented to us by carwow.