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Driving the Aston martin Valkyrie – Top Gear and CarWOW

The Aston Martin Valkyrie isn’t really a supercar, nor a hypercar, this £2,500,000 million limited-edition monster is a 1,160 hp behemoth that just might be street-legal in many countries, but is it practical? Who are we kidding, with a car that looks like a Formula One car with a canopy, who cares if it is practical, it looks uber-cool, and that’s all that matters … or is it?

Let’s see what Chris Harris from Top Gear thinks about the Aston Martin Valkyrie as he takes her on the famous Bahrain F1 track:

And when you’ve finished seeing the video, we give you a second one, this time from Carwow, and it’s about 30 minutes long … so enjoy:

And let’s not forget there will also be an Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider … and an even wilder Valkyrie AMR Pro!