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Ecurie LM69

Ecurie Car’s Ecrosse LM69 Is a Reimagined Jaguar XJ13 Racer

A Beautiful Car, Indeed

The company Ecurie Cars recently released the first images of the reimagined Jaguar XJ13 it calls the Ecrosse LM69. This car takes the iconic racer and makes a car for the road out of it. The company’s mission is to make a vehicle as close to the original vehicle as possible in small volumes. The company wants to remain true to the spirit of the vehicle, and judging by these photos it’s done just that. 

Ecurie said it will build 25 of the road-going recreations. The company has developed a vehicle that totally looks the part. Not only does it look the part, but the car also features a quad-cam V12 engine. While it mostly follows the old car’s formula, there are some new aerodynamic elements, a fixed roof, and a permanent rear wing.

The car is made of a special composite material, which means it weighs less than the original car on which it’s based. The technical details of the car have not yet been announced. The vehicle will be handbuilt at the company’s factory in the UK. 

For those who don’t know, the Jaguar XJ13 was designed and built back in 1966. Jaguar did so to keep its title at Le Mans. However, when the racing rules changed the car was excluded from competing, which means this car never actually raced.