Essential Guide to Looking After Your Supercar

Supercars are mightily expensive, and if you want to drive one of the best cars that money can buy, you need to do all you can to look after it. 

To ensure you have the pleasure of your supercar for many years to come, follow our pointers in this handy and essential guide.

Security measures

You will be the envy of many people when you are driving around town in your supercar. Thankfully, most people will look on and sigh with envy, before getting back into their Fiat Punto and wondering where they want wrong in life. However, your car is also at risk of theft, from joyriders looking for a thrill, to dedicated car thieves who want to sell your car onto others.

Chances are, your supercar will already be decked out in some the latest safety features such as keyless entry systems. However, dedicated car thieves will always be on the lookout for new, advanced ways to break into vehicles, so you need to take added security measures. We recommend you invest in a GPS tracker, so if your car is ever stolen, you will be able to track it from your smartphone and computer. Some companies can install a tracking device for you, and if your car is stolen, they will be able to contact the police from their control room.

You should also upgrade your alarm system, and buy a steering wheel lock bar for added protection. After spending a lot of money on your car, the last thing you want to do is add further damage to your bank account. However, spending money on extra security is something you need to consider.


Supercars are built to last, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need regular servicing. They are a more complicated beast than regular cars, so you need to visit the main dealer or a specialist, such as this Euro Motorsport Mercedes Benz mechanic. They have the mechanical know-how to cope with the insides of a supercar, that you or a regular mechanic wouldn’t possess.

However, there are still areas where you can perform maintenance on the car, without having a lot of technical knowledge. As with any other car, be sure to keep an eye on such things as tire pressure and oil levels, as you want your supercar running at maximum performance.

Keeping it clean

Your supercar is your pride and joy, so you want to ensure it looks great at all times. However, taking it to the local carwash is a risky proposition, and a bucket of water and a sponge just won’t cut it. Instead, you want to take your car to a professional car valeting service or find the recommended cleaning products for your car. We also recommend you use something like a natural sheepskin cloth rather than a regular rag, to ensure your car is left with a shine and not a dirty scuff mark.

Now, get out and enjoy your car!