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EVO Magazine review of the Ferrari Purosangue

EVO Magazine Reviews The Ferrari Purosangue

It actually looks really good with a little snow on it...

You almost have to feel bad for Jehtro from EVO Magazine during his review of the Ferrari Purosangue, as unlike the other reviews that have been popping up, he had the misfortune of having his time with the car… in the middle of a full-on Italian mountain snowstorm. In other words, wet, cold, icy, miserable, and probably not the type of weather a Ferrari launch would traditionally occur in.

However, that snowstorm, as you will see in the review, turned out to a be a blessing in disguise…

Ferrari are insistent that the Purosangue is a capable, all wheel drive “Ferrari Utility Vehicle,” and by having to drive across slippery pavement, snow and ice, and on cold roads, EVO gets a good sampling of just what this thing can do when the elements decide to have a bad day. Not to spoil the video, but it somehow, someway, manages to deal with the snow and slippery roads without issue, while also feeling like a supercar that’s a little bit taller than the others that come out of Maranello.