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 Ferrari 458

Today, Ferrari announced the 458, a logical successor to the F430 that has introduced more stepwise evolution into the mid-engine V8 series. Concurrently, the price of a used 360 Modena or F430 just fell a couple g-notes with the launch of this car.

We expected a new direct-injection V8, but not such a dramatic styling update from Pininfarina. They have abandoned the double intake front end in favor of one unified element. Furthermore, the front headlight treatment uses small vents, similar to what we first saw on the TVR Sagaris.

Michael Schumacher helped develop the 458’s handling, which balances 570 bhp and transfers the power to the rear wheels through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Electronic trickery includes E-Diff3, brake preloading and deforming aeroelastic winglets.

Naturally we expect performance and racing versions in the coming years. The car will be first shown to the public at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. It would be fitting to have Ferrari’s 1962 Ferrari 248 SP there since it was the company’s first mid-engine V8 supercar.