Ferrari Dares You to Imagine Its Upcoming Super Ferrari

Ferrari Teaser

Two Days Until the Reveal

Ferrari has a new car, and it’s likely a new range-topping hybrid supercar. In a recent Instagram post, the company showed an image that appears the be the rear end of the car. You can make out the rear spoiler, taillights, exhaust tips, and some of the rear of the car’s general shape. The image has the words “dare to imagine” over the image. The company set the caption for the image to read, “Get ready. Two days to go. #Ferrari” which is when the car will be revealed. 

While this doesn’t give away much, it does give you a few interesting things. First, you can see the two large exhaust tips on the rear of the car. These match the ones that were seen in a recent video of a Ferrari test car. Although that car was camouflaged and cloaked, you could still see the exhaust tips and its overall general shape. The car in the Instagram post appears to be the same. 


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Get ready. Two days to go. #Ferrari

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The company recently sent out invites to the reveal and in that, it was clear that the car makes nearly 1,000 hp. While many of the specifics are not yet known, many people believe it will be a hybrid car with a V8 engine and an electric motor or motors as the powertrain setup. As Ferrari said, two days to go.