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Ferrari F40 fire in monaco

Ferrari F40 Fire In Monaco [VIDEO]

As posted on Road & Track, this week a Ferrari F40 burned beyond rescue in Monaco.

From all reports regarding the fire, the car had been parked after a fairly regular drive through the principality, when something in the engine went “pop” and the car was instantly in flames.

This is the third F40 in the past 4 years to suddenly combust, with the other two being a newly rebuilt engine catching fire in 2016, and a well maintained one catching fire during an Italian Ferrari meetup and cruise (Italian language link).

It’s a sad day in the world of supercars when a classic like the F40 goes up in flames, and because of the unique construction, namely the carbon fiber body, floorpan, and dash built around a lightweight tubular steel frame, it is incredibly difficult or otherwise impossible to rebuild one after a fire.

Instagram user jmex_98 was close by after the fire was put out, showing the devastation that occurred to the F40. Oddly, the body kept most of its shape, including the wing, but the structural damage was far too severe to do anything with it.

Incidents like this is the reason many people keep a fire extinguisher in their cars.

Also, from the video, applause has to be given to the person on the second floor of the apartments that the car is burning beside, hanging halfway over a balcony railing with a garden hose trying their best to do what they could. Their heart was in the right place, but with an inferno like the one below them, it was ultimately futile.

Ferrari F40 fire monaco

Anonymous garden hose person, we here at salute your valiant efforts to save a classic.