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Ferrari Patents F1-Inspired Halo for Road Cars

An Interesting Idea

The F1 halos might look pretty odd, but they serve a legitimate purpose. Now it seems that Ferrari has patented something similar to the F1 halos but for a road car. In the patent Ferrari describes a structural pillar that divides the windshield, according to Auto Guide.

This new structural pillar would help keep the cabin of the vehicle even safer while also allowing for some air to enter the cabin, making it easier to cool the cabin. The pillar in the patent images looks wide. It would be wider than the ones used on the Ferrari racing cars and that could obstruct sightlines in the car. To combat this issue, Ferrari would project an image of the exterior onto the pillar so that it looked like it wasn’t there at all. 

A similar camera system would replace the traditional rearview mirror, meaning that you wouldn’t need mirrors. This would streamline the look of the car and could potentially give the driver an even better view around the car at basically all times. The windshield wipers could also move to the center of the windshield with a vertical orientation instead of a horizontal one. 

While this is just a patent application and not confirmation that Ferrari will do this, it’s clear that the company is thinking outside the box.