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Final testing of the Lamborghini Aventador successor

A test mule that seems to be the final design for the upcoming Lamborghini Aventador successor has been spotted leaving the factory gates for testing prior to the official, public reveal in March 2023, but there has already been a private showcase for high-profile Lamborghini customers in late December 2022, VIP clients have already seen the new V12 Ibrido that most of us will only see in about three months, and the first interesting facts have surfaced by now, despite the fact all of the invitees were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Render Copyright Supercar Blondie on YouTube

We’ve heard the total power output of the NA V12 will be 1,000 hp, what the exact split between the brand new developed V12 and the electric motors will be hasn’t been disclosed, nor the displacement of the V12 Lamborghini has developed from scratch for this new flagship model, but personally, I believe they will go for a smaller displacement V12 compared to the 6.5 Liter unit from the Aventador, but still have at least 700 hp, of not more available just from the fuel burning engine, while I think two electric motors will be powering the front wheels, each with 100 hp or more, this will still offer a kind of VT four-wheel drive system, while in pure V12 mode, we’re looking at a rear-wheel-drive Lamborghini, which would make perfect sense, the electric motors and required batteries add weight, while removing the entire VT system to power the front wheels, and the use of a smaller displacement engine could counteract that weight gain again.

Render Copyright Supercar Blondie on YouTube

Another rumor we’ve picked up after the VIP showcase is the fact the entire production for 2023 of this new V12 Ibrido from Sant’Agata has already been sold out at the time of writing, and that this new Lamborghini will come with a serious premium over the outgoing Aventador model, there is even talk about Lamborghini not doing a Roadster version of this model, which could mean they don’t intend to keep this first V12 hybrid in production for a decade as they did with the previous flagship models … but all that is still hearsay and rumors, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all they already have both the coupe and roadster ready for production as we speak, but for now let’s take a look at the video Varryx was able to capture of the actual test mule leaving the factory gate: