Gemballa Hypercar

Gemballa Hypercar Is Coming at Some Point

Slowly but Surely

Gemballa is best known for its work on Porsches, but the company is working on its own hypercar. That car will feature “state-of-the-art drive and aero technology,” according to Carscoops. The car is still a ways away, but now the company has entered what it calls the technical planning phase of development. 

It’s unclear what exactly that means, but you can bet that the company is working towards the performance numbers that it says it believes the car will hit. These include a 0-62 mph time under 2.5 seconds and the ability to hit 124 mph in just 6.5 seconds. 

What exactly will make the car go that fast is unclear. The company did say the vehicle will be the last true sports car, so that would say a combustion engine to us. Carscoops says the vehicle will likely go hybrid after the initial offering, which should be a large internal combustion engine. The company has said that a manual transmission could be an option, which would make sense considering the company’s claims. 

The CEO of the company seems pretty adamant about the fact that the car will have a good-sounding internal combustion engine and a more traditional feel. “Not all new trends are cool,” said Gemballa CEO Steffen Korbach.