Getting You and Your Car Spring Ready

The Spring months are a car lover’s dream. It’s easy driving out there. The sun is out but it’s not too hot and it’s the perfect time for showing everyone how fantastic your wheels are. It’s the time of year to really enjoy your car. Jump in and go for extended journeys. Travel through country roads or just take the kids out for some ice-cream. Whatever your preference, here’s how to make the most of Spring with your car.

Excess Baggage

Get rid of it! We tend to add baggage to our cars during the winter. You may find extra coats in the boot, bottles of de-icer on the floors and other general mess everywhere. It’s time to get everything you don’t need, out. Not only does it look nicer and save space, it allows the car to weigh less. A heavier car means you waste more fuel and drive slower.

Spring Clean

It’s not just houses that need to be Spring cleaned. Giving your car a good wash on the outside means you can clear away the Winter left-overs. During Winter, our tyres pick up and store the road salt used for gritting the roads when the colder weather sets in. Your likely to find the salt under your wheel arches and if left there, it can cause corrosion. Giving your car a thorough clean every now and again will ensure its protection from anything the road throws at it.

Test Your Air-Conditioning

As the days and nights get warmer and brighter, air-conditioning in cars can be a god send, especially when on long journeys. You can test your air conditioning by turning the heater fan on to maximum and switching your air-con on. If you don’t feel a nice cool breeze within 3 minutes, you may need to re-gas your system. It’s a simple job that most car garages can do in a heartbeat. If you haven’t got air-conditioning in your car, you may want to look at upgrading to a newer model. You can do that by checking your credit score.

Can You See?

It may sound like a dumb question but it’s surprising how many people continue to drive when they have difficult seeing out of the windscreen. During the Winter, the de-mister is used regularly. It can create a screen full of grime which makes it difficult to see when the sun is blaring. If you notice yourself squinting, make sure your screen is cleaned on the inside and the outside. And, get yourself a pair of good sunglasses!

Tackle Hay Fever

Hay Fever can be a problem while driving in Spring. The last thing you want to do is get in your car when your eyes are swollen or you’re likely to have a sneezing fit. Take a look at the pollen count before getting in your car each day and make sure you take any medication you may need. If you feel unwell while driving, it’s safer to pull over and wait than risk continuing with your journey.