Over the weekend, most gearheads and car magazines were focused on the Goodwood Festival of Speed. There was much to excited about: international debuts, a supercar class, forest rally stage and a concours that had five Bugatti Royales.

Having all the right cars is how Goodwood excels, but this year relentless rain on Saturday and Sunday made the trip a muddy nuisance. Fortunately, many drivers were experienced with England’s weather and easily persevered to complete their two runs of the day.

With a full stock of F1, Indy, Pikes Peak, Group C, rally and concept cars, Goodwood’s list of highlights could go on and on. A special mention should go to Nissan for bringing a finished version of their Skyline GT-R complete with camouflage to create some buzz.

The five Bugatti Royales were safely nestled in an elegant tent. Goodwood estimated the total value of the five cars to be over 60 million dollars, so the enclosure turned out to be of good use. The rest of the concours was stuck out in the open, and oddly enough included a Schuppan 962CR and a Spectre R42.

Our coverage of Goodwood comes to us from Ilya Holt who endured two days of bad weather. Despite being soaked, he persisted in the rain and his complete photography probably benefited from it.