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Gordan Murray Automotive T.50

Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Revealed

It’s Coming in May of Next Year

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) is helmed by the man who created the legendary McLaren F1. The new T.50 that we’ve written about in the past is dubbed the “son of F1.” Many of the car’s details recently came out. This car is in contrast to many of the other modern-day hypercars that don’t have large engines, but that’s not all that sets it apart. 

According to EVO, the T.50 features a naturally aspirated V12 engine that was built by the well-known engine developer Cosworth. This engine powers the rear wheels through a traditional six-speed manual transmission. It offers a 3.98-liter displacement, a 12,100 rpm red line, and will act as a stressed member of the chassis. The vehicle will seat three with the driver in a central position like with the F1. 

Just because the car features some more traditional aspects doesn’t mean it’s without innovations. The vehicle has ground effect active aero, a 48-volt mild hybrid system that boosts power, and carbon fiber to keep the weight down to about 2,200 pounds.

With the 48-volt mild hybrid system and the V12 working together, you’re looking at a combined output of about 700 hp. The active aero will feature four different modes, including a High Downforce Mode. Racing Point Formula One team is helping GMA make the aero work. 

The company also reported that it will make 100 units and each will be priced at £2 million before local taxes or fees. That works out to about $2.6 million. The cars will not be available until 2022. 

Gordan Murray Automotive aerodynamics T.50