Hennessey and 9ff Hotrods

Seems like Hennessey will be best known for his Camaros in 2009/2010. His latest project just finished and it is the first Camaro to use his supercharging system. Called the HPE550, it produces around 550 bhp at the crank and posts incredibly good acceleration times with Hennessey’s preferred drag radial tires.

We also received a message from 9ff telling us they’ve added their newest car into the database. It’s called the BT-2 and it takes the Porsche 911 GT2 to the limit. If you would like to add a car to supercars.net try this form.

We finish with two cars from the Greenwich Concours that we’ve been anxious to learn more about. The first is this Neri & Bonacini Studio GT, which is rare, completely original and an ideal 1960s supercar. Our second feature from the show is the only 1955 Imperial Convertible. The name might not sound like much, but if you consider Imperial didn’t begin making convertibles until 1957 and this one was built for the chairman, suddenly it gets much more interesting.